Mountain View Snack Bar


Our youngest daughter and future employee Lexington


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New location in Barre! Come check out the L & M Diner! Open as a diner 6am-2pm and snackbar 2pm-9pm everyday all in one location on 240 North Main Street, Barre, VT 05641.

In 2005 Ted and Alicia Colleti moved to Vemont after meeting in a food service management class. Their goal was to offer local Vermonters and tourists alike, a delicious place to spot and recharge. Originally from Long Island, Ted and Alicia are now proud parents of two kids Madison and Lexington who love to help around the kitchen, often sneaking creemees for their friends and themselves. Their children are an integral part of the business as the wanted to create a spot that kids and parents alike would enjoy. This is why at all of their locations there are areas for kids to play, including a mini-golf course in Hardwick, or picnic tables with room for the whole family. With over 200 items on their menu, including varieties of burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, Tony's Pizza (Only available in Morrisville), and over 50 different flavors of creemees (even real VT maple), there is definitely something on the menu that you will love. We also have heathy(er) and vegetarian options available included one of our favorites fried pickle spears. Our locations in Morrisville, Hardwick, and Stowe are all family-owned and operated and we are open all through-out the summer.

Before you come and see for yourself, you can view our links below to see why people can't get enough of our snacks!

  1. Check out our reviews on Yelp!

    One person raved, "Best place on a hot summer day, they have hundreds of creeme (soft serve ice cream) flavors and great hot dogs and burgers, the one on Route 15 offers pizza as well. Be warned, the lines can get really long, and the waits are hard to do in the hot sun.but it's so worth it"

  2. We are highly recommended on TripAdvisor

    Fran left a review saying, "the menu is huge now. they serve everything. meatloaf, tacos, every kind of chicken you can think of. they serve burgers, fried shrimp, salads, ruebens, and so many kinds of ice cream. they allow you to mix and match the flavors in cremes and sundaes. they have numerous toppings. it is beyond amazing. a definite must visit. "

  3. Our review on SevenDays

    SevenDays says, "This popular roadside stop has everything from popcorn shrimp and frickles to burgers and pastrami sandwiches. Finish with a maple creemee."

  4. See What people have said on Zomato

    Our one Zomato rating was extremely positive however we no longer offer delivery, "New York Style Pizza in the Kingdom. Anthony's pizza at the Mountain View Snack Bar in Morrisville, VT is the true, New York original. It all starts, of course, with a perfectly browned yet tender-crisp crust. Generous amounts of quality toppings create a truly satisfying pizza experience. Who knew that the Northeast Kingdom could be such a hot bed of pizza excellence?! Open through October and now offering local delivery. The rest of their menu is just as good. Everything is prepared fresh, from burgers and fries to gyros and poutine. It's all good! "

  5. WCAX visited us along the way on their French Fry Tour
  6. Stowe Today did this interview with Ted when we opened up

    "The spot offers more than 200 items, including traditional fried and grilled outdoor snack fare, 43 flavors of soft-serve ice cream, and some homemade specialties such as pulled pork and baked beans.

  7. They have since come back in 2016 to do this interview

    "The Mountain View Snack Bar serves up the Great Vermont Creemee, at least the chocolate version. It’s classic: a tall spire (even the “small” is big) of frozen chocolate cream. It has a solid chocolate flavor and, notably, no hollow part in the middle where the ice cream wraps around (any creemee enthusiast knows the potential for a hollow). It’s the perfect temperature — not melty, but not brain-freeze-inducing. Recommended for families, especially with small children."